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Google Analytics Events Audit

Are you interested in learning more about the Google Analytics events MonsterInsights tracks? MonsterInsights can track many types of visitor-triggered events on your WordPress website right out-of-the-box.

In this guide, we’ll outline many of the events tracked by MonsterInsights so you can add them as goals in Google Analytics.

This is not a comprehensive list of MonsterInsights’s events. We track a lot of things, and are always adding more to allow you to learn the most about your site.

What is an Event in Google Analytics?

Events in Google Analytics are interactions site visitors have with your website tracked independently from the page load. Examples of events you can track in MonsterInsights include file downloads, outbound link clicks, telephone link clicks, affiliate link clicks, and web form impressions and submissions.

Why Do You Need Event Tracking?

Without event tracking, your insights into your visitors are limited primarily to what pages they view on your site. However, with the events tracking made available to you with MonsterInsights, you can now track specific actions and goals your visitors are taking on your site.

About Google Analytics Events

All custom events in Google Analytics are made up of required and optional components. The mandatory elements include event category, event action, and events label.

The optional components include event value (required to be an integer, i.e., no decimal points) and non-interaction (true/false).

For example, the event type download has the following components:

  • Event category: file download events have the category downloads assigned to them.
  • Event action: The full URL of the file. For example: <a href=””>Download My Ebook</a>. Here, the event action is
  • Event label: The label of the href attribute. MonsterInsights will first try the link title attribute, then try the text content of the link. In the above example, the event label is the text content: Download My Ebook.
  • Event Value: Not applicable.
  • Non-Interaction: Not set for the event-type download. By default, events have the non-interaction parameter not set. If set to 1 the event will no longer affect the bounce rate or time metrics (like time on page or session duration).

Below we’ll outline all the event types and their components currently implemented by MonsterInsights.

Please note: more can be added with compatibility mode available in the basic tier and above and by utilizing additional plugins or code.

Events Types Available in Each Plan

Outbound link tracking, download link tracking, telephone number tracking, and affiliate link tracking are all available in all versions of MonsterInsights when viewing the data in Google Analytics.

Please note: to view outbound link tracking, download link tracking, and affiliate link tracking in the MonsterInsights reports in WordPress you need to look in the publisher’s report available in the Plus package.

Forms tracking and eCommerce tracking are available in the Pro package.

Table of MonsterInsights Events

Event Type Event Category Event Action Event Label Event Value
Download file link click downloads URL of file The label of the href attribute, either link title or text content n/a
Outbound link click outbound-link URL of link The label of the href attribute, either link title or text content n/a
Form Impression form Impression Form ID n/a
Form submission form Conversion Form ID n/a
Affiliate link click outbound-link-aff URL of link The label of the href attribute, either link title or text content n/a
Telephone number link click tel URL of number, i.e., tel://1-222-333-4445 The label of the href attribute, either link title or text content n/a

eCommerce Events Table

Event Type Event Category Event Action Event Label Event Value
Product Impression Products Impression Impression n/a
Products Products Viewed Product Product Title n/a
Products Products Click Product Title n/a
Products Products Remove From Cart Product Title 1
Products Products Add to Cart Product Title 1
Checkout Page Impression Checkout Started Checkout Checkout Page n/a
Completed Checkout Checkout Completed Checkout Order ID Number Price (integer)
Increase quantity of Product in Cart Cart Increased Cart Quantity Product Title 1
Decrease quantity of Product in Cart Cart Decreased Cart Quantity Product Title 1
Refund Orders Refunded Order ID Number Price (integer)

Now you’ve seen a thorough list of the events MonsterInsights tracks.

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